Monster Project Description

‘Frankenstein’ by Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley is the text on which ‘Monster’s’ narrative arc is loosely based. The Gothic horror aspects of the book are in lock step with Jarrett’s interest in horror films. It is something that he performs in and works on. Kookie is a character he developed for a film of the same name. A monster of sorts.
Stephen worked with the novel’s status as a proto feminist text and queered a reading of it in an artwork tackling issues relating to the consequences of identity and difference in the late eighties.
Both revisiting the text and engaging with it for the first time, together we have developed a dance work that looks at molecular orbits, involuntary movement originating from trauma and exertion as well as cribbing some theatrical ideas from Theatre of the Absurd to cobble together a picture of this moment when we all seem to be lurching toward uncertainty while playing with matches.

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